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Eliminar Tatuajes en Madrid

En La Mano Zurda ponemos a tu disposición un láser de última tecnología para eliminar parcial o totalmente el tatuaje no deseado.

Sólo tienes que decidir si quieres tapar el tatuaje con un cover, mejorarlo o simplemente eliminar y quitar el tatuaje por completo.

Nuestro trabajo consiste en asesorarte para que la elección garantice el mejor resultado, pero esto depende de muchos aspectos: la antigüedad del tatuaje, las tintas usadas e incluso las herramientas que se utilizaron el día de su realización.

Nuestro servicio de eliminación de tatuajes en Madrid es la mejor solución.

A la hora de eliminar un tatuaje con láser debemos tener en cuenta la zona y el tipo de piel. Otro factor importante es el color que queremos eliminar, siendo el negro y el azul los que mejor responden al tratamiento. Pero lo que determinará el número de sesiones es la técnica del tatuador que haya realizado ese tatuaje.

Si necesitas más información sobre el tratamiento de eliminación de tatuaje con láser total o parcial, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros. Juntos conseguiremos la mejor solución para ese tatuaje que “ya no te dice nada”.



We offer you the best solution for the Laser tattoo removal in Madrid

We use the latest laser technology to partially or completely remove tattoos, guaranteeing a proceso seguro y eficiente para ti y tu piel. We adapt each tattoo removal session to your needs, achieving optimal results with minimal recovery times.

Our laser.
Frequent questions.
Yes, the laser tattoo removal process is safe as long as it is done by experienced professionals and using the right equipment. The risks of removing a tattoo are minimal and can be managed by following the specialist's recommendations.

At La Mano Zurda we offer you an innovative laser with the latest technology to partially or completely erase unwanted tattoos. In addition, we have professionals with extensive and solid experience in removing tattoos.
Yes, thanks to advances in laser tattoo removal technology, it is now possible to completely remove a tattoo without damaging the skin and obtaining the desired result.

Laser tattoo removal is a technique that has innovated a lot, allowing you to see results from the first session. Do not miss our success stories below!
The total number of sessions to completely remove a tattoo depends on several factors: the size of the tattoo, the colors, the area of ​​the body where it is tattooed and even the technique with which the tattoo was made. In general, 3 to 10 sessions may be needed with an interval of 6 to 8 weeks between each session.

If you want to know how many laser sessions you need to remove a tattoo, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for your first consultation so that we can make an approximate estimate.
Laser tattoo removal can cause discomfort but is generally well tolerated. Every skin and tattoo, as well as every person's pain threshold, is different, so there is no agreed answer.

Generally, our clients refer to laser tattoo treatment as painless. The sensation is often described as elastic hitting the skin. But don't worry, numbing creams can be applied before the tattoo removal session to reduce discomfort.
The length of each laser tattoo treatment session varies depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo itself. Sessions can last from a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on each specific case.
Yes, it is possible to re-tattoo in the area where a tattoo has previously been removed. It is necessary that a certain period of time pass between the last laser session and the first session of the new tattoo.

At La Mano Zurda, we give you the option of directly covering the unwanted tattoo, improving it, or removing the tattoo completely. Do not doubt ask us for an appointment, we will advise you on the removal of your tattoo and we will offer the choice that guarantees the best result.
Thanks to the innovative state-of-the-art laser that we have in our tattoo studios in Madrid, the process of removing a tattoo is done in a way that respects the skin, guaranteeing the desired result.
The price to remove a tattoo with laser varies depending on its complexity and the sessions that each specific case needs. At La Mano Zurda, we have plans and vouchers at different prices to remove the tattoo that “no longer tells you anything”. Take a look at our pricing table below!

Remove your tattoo best price with our plans.

We offer a variety of laser tattoo removal plans that are affordable and flexible to suit your specific needs. Our expert team will guide you in choosing the most suitable plan for your tattoo and for you., obtaining the best results in removing your tattoo.

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