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Leo Tressino Traditional
Benja Realismo
Zaida Blackwork
Jordi Martínez Realism, Black&Grey
Patrizia Pozo Abstract
Meta14 Realism, Lettering
Guillermo Realismo
Bermuti Japonés, Neotradicional
Antonio Polo Tradicional, Old school
Mario Castellote Tradicional, Japonés
Dani Mancha Neo traditional
Emilio Riveros New school
Gon Pedrosa Neo traditional
Ondraede Realism, Illustration
Luis Montoya Geometric, Dotwork
Largadas Micro illustration, thin line
Julian Ospina Realismo
Fabio Carneiro Realismo
Lalo Martín Japanese, Old School
Caótida Microrealismo
Veronika Liddell Realism, New School
Sei Geometric, Dotwork
Gatto Blackwork, Ornamental
Lady Lo Cartoon
Pedro Microrealismo
Kim Blackwork, Dotwork
Jesus Microrealismo
Sol Chao Realismo, Sketch
Hojas Negras Blackwork
Armelio Borges Realism, Black&Grey

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